$ 340,000.00

When three of our clients suffered numerous, life altering injuries due to a collision caused by a vehicle operating at an unsaf

In this particular case, Tabor Law Firm represented three women who were traveling on U.S. 50 in Dearborn County when a motor vehicle operator traveling the opposite way, suddenly crossed the centerline and collided head on with our client's vehicle.

Tabor Law Firm pursued a claim against the motor vehicle operator for failing to maintain control of her vehicle and operating at an unsafe speed. The passenger of this vehicle also acted recklessly when he unexpectedly turned the steering wheel left towards our client's oncoming vehicle. A passenger in the back seat of the vehicle responsible for the collision was also killed.

All three of our clients suffered from numerous life altering injuries that scarred them both physically and emotionally for life. Tabor Law Firm successfully represented all three of our clients and their families, and recovered five-figure settlements for two of the families, and a six-figure settlement for one of the families.

There were multiple victims in both of the vehicles involved in this collision resulting in several competing claims for the limited insurance proceeds. The at-fault driver did not have adequate insurance to compensate all of the victims, and we made a claim with our client's automobile insurance carrier and secured a $340,000.00 settlement on her behalf.