Confidential Settlement

The Recovery This Family Deserved After Auto Accident Resulting in Wrongful Death

Tabor Law Firm represented the parents of a teenage girl who was killed in an auto accident in Morgan County, Indiana. She was a backseat passenger in a vehicle driven by her sister, traveling westbound on State Road 142. At the same time, a pickup truck was traveling eastbound on State Road 142. While the sister was attempting to make a left-hand turn at an intersection, the driver of the pickup truck proceeded straight through the intersection, striking the right passenger side of the girl's vehicle. The sixteen year old girl who seated in the passenger side backseat was killed in the collision.

Liability against the driver of the pickup truck was established and a settlement was obtained from the insurer of the truck driver. Once the alleged negligent truck driver settled, our clients then settled with their underinsured carrier.

A Complaint For Damages was then filed in Morgan Circuit Court against the State of Indiana for negligence in failing to properly mark and sign the roadway; failing to provide traffic control devices; failing to post a safe speed limit and/or advisory speed limit; failing to provide reasonable sight distances; failing to post warning lights and signs; and failing to improve a dangerous intersection by reconstructing the roadbed.

Tabor Law Firm's investigation, through its experts, revealed that the intersection where the accident occurred is a hazardous blind intersection due to the very limited sight distance available to both eastbound and westbound drivers. Further the experts opined that the primary cause of the auto accident was the restricted sight distance created by the vertical curve of the hill.

Tabor Law Firm represented the parents of the teenage girl who was tragically killed in a claim for wrongful death against the State of Indiana, ultimately helping them reach a successful recovery.