Seven-Figure Settlement

Severe Injuries to Family in Greenfield Results in a Recovery of almost One Million Dollars

A wife, mother, and Tabor Law Firm client was operating her vehicle in a northerly direction on Franklin Road at its intersection with Davis Road in Greenfield, Indiana with her son restrained in the front seat as a passenger, and her daughter was a restrained backseat passenger. At the same time the Defendant, working as an agent and/or employee of Yantiss Earthmoving LLC., was operating a Ford F250 truck in a southerly direction on Franklin Road at its intersection with Davis Road. The driver of the Ford F250 operated the truck directly into the path of Elizabeth's oncoming vehicle causing a severe collision.

Liability in this matter is simple and straightforward. There is no question the Defendant's negligence was the sole proximate cause of the collision as he failed to yield the right-of way to the family's vehicle.

All three members of the family involved in the accident sustained multiple, serious, permanent and devastating injuries as a result of this collision. Their claims included hospital bills, medical and prescription expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, wage loss and permanent impairment. The husband, who was not involved in the collision, presented a consortium claim for loss of services, society and marital rights arising out of his marriage with his wife.

Through representation by Tabor Law Firm, the family was able to recover an almost seven-figure settlement from Defendants, excluding costs and attorney's fees.