Confidential Settlement

Tabor Attorneys help Personal Injury victim recover lost wages and medical bills

Tabor Law Firm successfully represented a client who was severely injured while operating a motor vehicle in Westfield, Indiana when another vehicle crossed the center line, resulting in a head on collision. The damage to our client's vehicle was so significant that it took nearly thirty (30) minutes to extricate him.

The Defendant was solely at fault in causing the accident due to his failure to exercise care as required as an Indiana motorist.

Our client was life-lined to Methodist hospital as a result of multiple internal and orthopedic injuries, as well as multi-system trauma he sustained in the collision. Our client remained in the Intensive Care Unit for over a month as a critical patient due to circulatory failure, renal failure, respiratory failure, hepatic failure, hematologic failure, sever metabolic derangements, overwhelming infection and severe/multiple trauma.

Despite the intensive rehabilitation, our client was left with severe, lifelong impairments. Tabor Law Firm represented him, and helped him settle with the Defendant for an amount that provided funds to pay for his past and continued medical care, as well as compensation for his lost future earnings.