Six-Figure Settlement

Premises Liability – Tabor Negotiates Pre-Trial Settlement for Virginia Truck Driver

While weighing an agricultural load at a private farm in rural Indiana, our client, a Virginia-based truck driver, fell from an unmarked narrow platform into a pit, striking his head and sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Rather than calling an ambulance, the property owners first placed our client on a golf cart, and then transported him to a hospital in a private vehicle. Upon arrival, our client had to be airlifted for critical treatment. As a result of his injuries, our client had to surrender his CDL license and was never able to return to work.

The privately-operated scale equipment differed from typical scales in that it stood next to an open pit. There were no warning signs around the equipment, nor was our client given instructions regarding its safe use. The Defendant, however, strongly contested liability for our client's injuries.

Tabor Law Firm filed a lawsuit in Indiana and worked with our client's Virginia-based doctors to prepare the case for trial. Shortly prior to trial, Tabor Law Firm recovered a six-figure settlement, which was paid in addition to our client's worker's compensation coverage.

Tabor Law Firm routinely handles complex cases involving injured persons from different States.