Confidential Recovery

The Right Representation for an Indiana State Police Sergeant

Our client, an Indiana State Police Sergeant, was seriously injured when he was struck by a semi-tractor trailer while parked in his police car on the shoulder of I-65 near Frankfort, Indiana. The Sergeant was in his police car, with its emergency lights activated, conducting a routine traffic stop.

The semi-tractor trailer driver moved to the left and then swerved back to the right, causing his semi-tractor trailer to jack knife and collide with the Sergeant's police vehicle. The collision was a direct and proximate result of the alleged careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendant, including following too closely, traveling too fast for the circumstances, traveling at a speed in excess of the speed limit, changing lanes when it was unsafe to do so, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle in violation of I.C. 9-21-8-35, and operating an unsafe vehicle. The collision was also a direct and proximate result of the alleged independent carelessness and negligence of the company that owned and operated the truck.

Consequently, the Sergeant sustained serious and permanent injuries, incurred medical expenses and lost wages. Tabor Law Firm was able to assist him in obtaining a successful recovery from the Defendants to help him with his past and future medical expenses, compensate him for lost wages due to his injuries and afford him some well-deserved financial security