Confidential Recovery

The Recovery a Police Officer’s Family Deserved

A Police Officer was assisting in an investigation on the shoulder of I-74 in Shelby County, Indiana. The Officer exited his police car and began photographing a vehicle that police had stopped on the shoulder of the interstate. At that time and place, a semi-tractor owned and operated by the Defendants drove past the location where the Officer was photographing the stopped vehicle when the rear set of dual tires on the trailer came off of the axle, rolled across the right-hand lane of eastbound I-74 and across the merging lane for the entrance ramp, striking the Officer, immediately killing him. The incident was the direct and proximate result of the carelessness and negligence of the Defendants in operating, inspecting, servicing, maintaining and repairing the semi-tractor trailer.

Tabor Law Firm successfully represented this Indiana Officer's wife in a wrongful death claim against the driver, and two Defendant companies associated with the semi-truck responsible for his tragic death.