Confidential Settlement

Teenage pedestrian killed by F350 truck

In 2006, Tabor Law Firm represented the parents of a sixteen year old girl who was a pedestrian walking lawfully beside her friend on the gravel shoulder of U.S. 6 in Indiana. At that time and place, the Defendant was traveling in the same direction, and rapidly approaching the girls in a large F350. Moments before the collision, the Defendant looked over his shoulder into the back seat, and his truck veered onto the shoulder of the road, striking our client. The force of the truck's impact caused one of the girl's bodies to be thrown approximately five feet from the pavements edge. She tragically died as a result of this accident.

The sixteen year old's grieving parents sought representation from Tabor Law Firm and we filed a wrongful death action against the Defendant. Tabor Law Firm obtained a settlement which allowed the family to pay for her medical bills, funeral, burial, administration of her estate, and were also compensated for their devastating loss.