Six-Figure Recovery

Substantial Settlement for Family who suffered multiple injuries as a result of a Truck Accident

While driving northbound on S.R. 267 in Lebanon, Indiana, our client was proceeding through an intersection when a truck driver, operating in the scope of his employment, failed to yield the right of way to the traffic on S.R. 267, and collided with our client's truck. The force of the impact caused the steering wheel to break, and our client lost consciousness. When he came to, he noticed his hands had shattered the windshield. Our client had to be extracted from his vehicle at the scene.

Our client suffered multiple injuries including head, spine, and hand injuries. A year following the accident, he underwent an extensive medical examination, and the doctor stated he has a permanent impairment as a result of the accident. Our client's spouse also suffered from the economic loss of her husband's wages and inability to perform daily tasks.

Through diligent investigation, Tabor Law Firm proved the Defendant was careless and negligent, and the Defendant's company failed to instruct and supervise their drivers. Tabor Law Firm assisted the family in recovering nearly half a million dollars.