Six-Figure Settlement

Slip and Fall Accident Results in a Permanent Disability

Tabor Law Firm's client was a truck driver making a delivery to a Plastics company. After the truck was unloaded the dock supervisor requested that our client enter the plant office to sign paperwork and look at some material that he wanted to return. While following the supervisor into the area where the material was located, our client slipped on plastic shavings and bead-like material and fell.

As a result of our client's fall, he suffered severe and permanent injuries to his neck and back including a herniated disc in his lumbar spine and a cervical disk injury that required a complicated surgery. Our client was rendered permanently disabled following this incident.

Our client's injuries were a direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendants. Through deposition, Tabor law Firm was able to establish admissions that bind the company on the issue of liability.

Tabor Law Firm assisted our client and his wife in obtaining a six-figure settlement.