Seven-Figure Recovery

Seven Figure Recovery for a Life Changing Personal Injury

Our client was an invitee on Defendant Ski World. Inc's premises and was snow skiing down a Black Diamond Slope, when he collided with a moving snow-grooming machine operated by a second Defendant.

As a result of this collision, he sustained massive personal injuries which rendered him a quadriplegic, unable to move any body part below his neck. He is confined to a wheelchair and bed and is unable to work or undertake any other physical activity. Due to the spinal injuries our client sustained, his wife was forced to assume responsibility for all household duties and the care of their child.

Our client's injuries were the direct and proximate result of the concurrent careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendants.

Tabor Law Firm represented both our client and his wife, and successfully obtained a seven-figure recovery from the Defendants.