Six-Figure Settlement

Roadway defects cause serious injuries to motorcyclist

Our client was operating a motorcycle when she lost control and was injured when the motorcycle went down. Her own insurance was not sufficient to cover all of her losses, and she reached out to Tabor Law Firm for help. Our investigators were sent to the scene of the collision and determined that another party was responsible for our client's injuries.

When the accident occurred, our client was approaching the traffic signal on the west side of Interstate 69. Her motorcycle encountered irregularities and uneven pavement, causing the motorcycle to unexpectedly wobble and become difficult to steady and control. Her front tire then hit another patch of irregular and uneven pavement, turning the front wheel abruptly. Our client was then ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious and permanent injuries.

We sued the entity responsible for maintaining the roadways in a safe condition for all motorists and were able to obtain a six-figure settlement on our client's behalf.