Six-Figure Settlement

Recovery for an Indiana State Trooper near Hobart

Tabor Law Firm represented an Indiana state trooper who was seriously injured while patrolling I-65 in his marked Indiana State Police car. Our client was stopped on a paved crossover, patrolling the southbound lanes of I-65 when a semi-tractor trailer truck, located several vehicles behind our client, pulled off to the cross over, driving his semi-tractor trailer truck into the rear of the vehicle immediately ahead of him. The truck driver then steered left and crossed the inside shoulder, traveled over a median into the paved cross over and struck our client's stopped vehicle.

As a result, our client sustained numerous serious and permanent injuries, and was unable to work for over a month. Our client's wife had to care for her husband and perform tasks for him that he was unable to do. Due to the numbness he experienced, it was hard for our client to engage in activities with his daughter or to even hold her for more than a few moments.

Tabor Law Firm represented this Indiana State Trooper and his wife in their claims against the semi-truck driver and his employer Hot Line Express, Inc. Investigation revealed that defendant was travelling in excess of the speed limit, too fast for the construction zone, and too close to other vehicles. Evidence revealed that the Defendant was operating under the influence of a controlled substance. The investigation also found that Hot Lines Express, Inc. violated numerous Motor Carrier Regulations and failed to supervise and monitor its driver. Tabor Law Firm assisted the Indiana Trooper and his wife obtain a six-figure settlement to compensate him for his medical expenses and lost wages and his wife for her loss of services.