$ 300,000.00

Recovery For a Family Following a Tragic, Traumatic Auto Accident

Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife, and their one year old daughter for their serious and permanent physical and emotional damages as a result of an automobile accident. On the date of the accident, John Doe was operating a vehicle while intoxicated and ran a red light, causing a collision to ensue with the family's vehicle. John Doe's criminal, negligent and careless acts and omissions resulted in the tragic loss of the family's 7 month viable fetus which the wife and mother was carrying at the time of the collision.

The husband and father sustained a traumatic injury to the bone of his eye socket, a fractured right wrist, blunt thorax trauma and blunt abdominal trauma.

The wife, a front seat passenger where the initial impact occurred, suffered a post-traumatic placental abruption due to the collision which resulted in the loss of her seven (7) Month fetus. She further suffered a right pulmonary contusion, right distal fracture, and a broken toe. Amanda suffered extreme emotional injuries as well.

The one (1) year old daughter had to deal with the traumatic event of the collision as well as witness the distress and injuries to both of her parents. She also lost her little brother. Further, the young daughter lost the services of both of her parents due to their physical and emotional sufferings.

Through representation by Tabor Law Firm, the family was able to settle with John Doe for the $300,000.00 automobile liability policy limits he had available through his automobile insurance carrier.