Confidential Settlement

Recovery for a Disabled Indianapolis Student After a Bus Driver Failed to Act

A 17-year-old North Central High School student was crossing Michigan Road on the west side of Indianapolis in order to board his school bus when a vehicle struck him. After he was struck, students boarding the bus informed the school bus driver of the accident, yet despite this information the bus driver left the scene of the accident, and did not attempt to call for any medical assistance.

Additionally, prior to the accident, the student's bus driver unilaterally modified the designated bus route, and as a result required the student to cross Michigan Road from the west to east in order to board the bus. Prior to the route modification by his bus driver, he was picked up directly in front of his home so that he would not have to cross any streets in order to board the bus. This was extremely important in this student's case as he is a disabled student: He lost his leg to cancer when he was ten years old.

As a direct result of this accident, the student sustained permanent and life altering injuries, including a disfiguring injury to his one remaining leg.

Tabor Law Firm successfully represented both the student and his mother in filing a claim against the school bus driver, the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township and the vehicle operator that struck him. A significant settlement was reached for the injured student and his mother.