Six-Figure Recovery

Lost Wages and Future Medical Bills Recovered After an Auto Accident

Our client was slowing her vehicle in congested rush hour traffic, northbound on I-65 in the middle lane of travel, in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the same time and place, the vehicle directly behind our client was driving too fast for conditions, and as a result of failing to slow her vehicle in time, our client's vehicle was violently rear-ended, and forced into the vehicle in front of our client. Our client's car was totaled as a result of the collision.

The driver who caused the accident was negligent in a number of ways including, but not limited to, failing to keep a proper lookout, being inattentive to traffic conditions, operating her vehicle at an excessive rate of speed for traffic conditions, failing to brake sufficiently or in sufficient time to avoid the collision, failing to maintain proper control of her vehicle and operating her vehicle into and against our client's vehicle.

Our client sustained a number of personal injuries including a burst vertebra at T12, right leg injury causing weakness, right hip injury causing pain, and right knee abrasion contusion. These injuries led to a one (1) week hospital stay, months of physical therapy, physical limitations and ongoing pain requiring medication.

Through representation by Tabor Law Firm for this auto accident, our client was able to recover a six-figure sum to compensate her for her injuries, her future medical treatment and her lost income.