$ 150,000.00

Indiana State Trooper suffers severe injuries due to a semi-truck crashing into his vehicle

Our client was an Indiana State Trooper who was pulled over on the side of the interstate assisting a motorist who had slid off the road due to wintery conditions. A semi tractor-trailer travelling too fast for the road conditions slammed into the rear of our client's police commission vehicle, causing significant physical injuries to him. As a State Trooper, our client's injuries prevented him from performing many of the physical duties of his job and he incurred lost wages and an impairment to his earning capacity in the future.

The truck driver and the trucking company he worked for tried to avoid responsibility for the collision by blaming the poor weather conditions. We filed suit against them and obtained a $150,000 settlement on our client's behalf. His health has improved after extensive medical treatment and he has been able to return to work as a Trooper.