Six-Figure Recovery

Indiana State Police Trooper Seriously Injured When a Semi-Truck Failed to Yield the Right-Of-Way

In 2004, an Indiana State Police Trooper was operating his vehicle northbound on Wilbur Wright Road. At the same time and place, Jane Doe of M and D Transfer, was operating a semi-tractor southbound on Wilbur Wright Road, and failed to yield the right-of-way to the Trooper while attempting to make a left hand turn; colliding with the Trooper's vehicle. The Trooper was trapped in his vehicle, but luckily was pulled from his vehicle just as it burst into flames.

As a result of this collision, the Trooper sustained a number of injuries including, but not limited to multiple fractures, numerous abrasions to his bilateral upper extremities, chest wall contusion, left shoulder contusion and right ankle abrasion. He was unable to work for approximately twenty-four (24) weeks. He returned to work on limited duty and it was unknown when or if he would return to full line of duty work.

As a result of the injuries he sustained, his wife additionally lost time from work, and required her to assume responsibility for additional household duties and the care of their children.

Tabor Law Firm was able to assist both the Indiana Trooper and his wife in obtaining a six-figure recovery from the Defendants that would help with past and future medical expense, compensate him for lost wages due to his injuries and afford him and his family some well-deserved financial security.