Confidential Settlement

Indiana residents injured out of state in a motorcycle accident suffer serious injuries

Sometimes Indiana residents are injured while out of state. Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife who were injured in a motorcycle accident in Wethersfield, Connecticut. At that time, our clients were traveling in the right northbound lane, and at the same time a motor vehicle operator was also traveling northbound, but in the center lane. Unexpectedly, the motor vehicle operator made an unsafe lane change cutting across the right lane, and crossed the shoulder of the off ramp to exit the highway. As a result of this unsafe lane change, the front tire of our client's motorcycle made contact with the right rear bumper of the motor vehicle, causing our client to lose control of his motorcycle. Our clients were thrown off the motorcycle as it laid down on its left side and slid to the right shoulder, and were severely injured.

The driver of the motorcycle was admitted into an Intensive Care Unit for 5 days with a lacerated left kidney, seven fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, a lacerated spleen, severe back pain and road rash. His wife, the passenger of the motorcycle also suffered a concussion, a right wrist distal fracture and a left ulnar fracture.

Tabor Law Firm obtained a substantial settlement for both our clients from the at fault driver's insurance carrier, as well as our client's own automobile policy without filing a lawsuit. When Hoosiers are injured out of state, Tabor Law Firm can assist with bringing a claim.