Confidential Settlement

Impaired Driver Causes Auto Accident Resulting in Serious Injury

Our client was operating his vehicle traveling eastbound in Madison, Indiana as another driver, the Defendant, was operating his vehicle in the same direction, directly behind out client.

The Defendant was careless and negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout for traffic ahead of him and ran his vehicle into the back of our client's vehicle. The collision was so severe that not only did it cause our client to strike the vehicle in front of him, but the vehicle was also propelled forward into the vehicle that was stopped ahead. The Defendant's lack of attention, following too closely and failure to brake while operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol caused a four car collision.

As a result of this collision, our client sustained serious injuries which resulted in pain and suffering and caused him an impaired earning capacity. He was unable to carry out his appointment as head coach of the girls' varsity golf team of Madison High School which forced the athletic director to hire a new coach. He was an avid golfer and golf instructor before the collision, and now has limited physical ability to play as frequently as he did or to teach lessons. He lost the opportunities to play golf with his father who passed away the following year. Our client's wife also lost the services and consortium of her husband.

Tabor Law Firm successfully represented both our client and his wife in obtaining a substantial recovery from the Defendants for this auto accident.