Six-Figure Settlement

Financial Relief Following a Major Auto Accident

A former Tabor Law Firm client was stopped or slowing her northbound vehicle for a line of traffic on Kentucky Avenue near its intersection with Norcroft Drive in Marion County, Indiana. At the same time and place, the Defendant was operating a vehicle, in the scope of his employment with a cable television company (second Defendant), in a northbound direction directly behind our client's vehicle. The Defendant then failed to slow or stop his vehicle and violently rear-ended our client's vehicle.

As a result of this auto accident, our client sustained serious and permanent and disfiguring injuries including, an L-1 compression fracture, several rib fractures, facial and head lacerations and a closed head injury. Further our client was unable to work and had lost wages.

This collision was the direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendants, including, but not limited to, failing to be attentive to traffic ahead, failing to keep a proper distance between vehicles, failing to timely brake, and operating his vehicle in the rear of plaintiff's vehicle.

Through representation by Tabor Law Firm, Sandra and our client and her spouse were able to settle with Defendants for a six-figure amount that helped compensate them for her medical bills, lost wages and her husband's loss of consortium.