Confidential Recovery

Financial Relief after Negligent Acts Resulted in Wrongful Death and Serious Injury

Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife who were traveling northbound in Clinton County, Indiana when a semi tractor-trailer traveling in the same direction at high rate of speed collided into the rear of our client's vehicle. The impact caused our client's vehicle to spin, and come to a rest in the median facing the opposite direction as it had been traveling.

This collision was a direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the truck driver including operating the semi tractor-trailer at an excessive rate of speed, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to timely brake and failing to stop in time to avoid a collision. This collision was further a direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the truck owner, as a corporate entity, in failing to properly train, dispatch and supervise their driver to ensure compliance with the federal motor carrier safety regulations regarding semi tractor-trailer operations.

As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of the Defendants, the husband was killed and the surviving spouse sustained a pecuniary loss. She lost the love, affection, companionship and support of her husband. She also suffered serious emotional trauma and distress because she was present at the time her husband was killed. The Estate of her deceased husband incurred hospital, doctor and medical expenses as well as funeral and burial expenses and administrative costs. Further, the widow suffered bodily injury, pain, suffering and mental anguish as a result of her own injuries.

Tabor Law firm represented the wife in a wrongful death action against the Defendant truck driver and his employer, ultimately assisting her in procuring a significant monetary recovery from Defendants for the loss of her husband and the injuries to her.