Six-Figure Settlement

Child shot in the eye by a BB gun while at a friend’s home

Tabor Law Firm represented a family of a 10 year old boy who was struck in the eye by a BB gun pellet while playing in the backyard of the Defendant's house. At the time of the injury, neither of the Defendant's parents were supervising their son, despite knowledge of son's BB gun use. As landowners, the Defendant's owed the highest duty of care to our 10 year old client while he was on their property. This duty is to exercise reasonable care for guests on a homeowner's property, and extends not only to harm caused by the condition of the property, but also activities on the property as well.

As a result of being struck by the BB pellet, our client lost a significant amount of visual activity. His vision loss cannot be restored, and he was, and still is, at risk of developing further complications that could lead to total blindness. He must now wear safety glasses at all times as well to protect the injured eye.

Tabor Law Firm assisted the child and his family in obtaining a six-figure settlement with the Defendants.