Six-Figure Verdict

Auto Accident Resulting in Serious Injury Caused by Negligent Driver

Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife who both sustained serious injuries following an automobile accident in Indianapolis.

While the wife was driving through an intersection with her husband as a front seat passenger, an employee of a fast food chain disregarded a red light, and violently struck our client's vehicle. The accident was a direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts of the Defendants.

As a result, the wife sustained serious injuries including a severe closed head injury with coma, a blood clot to her brain, a fractured and dislocated elbow, a fractured tibia, as well as multiple contusions and scalp and facial lacerations. Her husband sustained a forearm fracture, contusion to his right hip, and lacerations over his eyes.

A Complaint for Damages was filed by Tabor Law Firm in Marion County Circuit Court and this case proceeded to a jury trial. The jury allocated 100% fault to the Defendants and awarded a six figure verdict to our clients.