$ 300,000.00

Truck Falls onto Vehicle after Truck Driver Falls Asleep on Interstate

In November of 2013, our client was passenger in car traveling east on Interstate 70 through downtown Indianapolis. Our client and the driver of the car noticed that a truck had begun to change lanes. As our client watched out the passenger side window, he suddenly saw the front left wheel of the tractor-trailer speeding towards him, and saw the driver of the truck slumped over, apparently asleep. Within moments, the big rig tipped over and onto our client's car, forcing it into a concrete barrier wall. Both vehicles slid down the highway and came to a stop. The weight of the truck caused the passenger side the car to partially collapse, causing a severe injury to our client's spine. As a result of the accident, our client missed work and had to undergo neck surgery to resolve his symptoms.

After investigating the accident, Tabor Law Firm filed a Federal lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer, an interstate trucking company. The trucking company claimed that it was not responsible for the accident under Indiana law because its driver had lost consciousness due to a medical emergency. After conducting investigation and research, consulting with our client's surgeon, and reviewing the truck driver's own medical history, Tabor Law Firm presented the facts and legal arguments to mediation and secured a settlement of $300,000.00 on behalf of our client.