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The Right Representation for a Personal Injury Victim

Our client drove a semi tractor-trailer owned by his employer to a plastic material production company in Elkhart, Indiana to pick up plastic materials to transport back to his employer’s plant in Richmond, Indiana. Employees of the plastic material production company (the Defendant) filled boxes with scrap plastic and then loaded and stacked the boxes in our client’s semi-trailer. Each box weighed between 76 and 603 lbs.

When our client returned to his plant with the loaded semi-trailer, he attempted to open the door when the door was suddenly forced open by an avalanche of plastic scrap. Our client was engulfed by the scrap and thrown to the ground, and as a result sustained permanent and disabling injuries.

The Defendant was careless and negligent in the way the semi-trailer was loaded, how the plastic was packaged, and failed to secure the load in a safe manner.

Tabor Law Firm successfully represented our client, the semi driver in a personal injury claim against the Defendant.