$ 850,000.00

Teenager gets shot while visiting someone’s home, receives six figure settlement for his life changing injury

Our Client sustained serious, permanent and life changing injuries when he was shot by while visiting a friends' home. Both teenagers were sitting in the living room, when our client's friend negligently discharged the firearm he was holding. Our client sustained a serious fracture to his L1 vertebrae as the result of the bullet being a through and through wound, as well as irreparable damage to his spleen and kidneys.

As a result of his injuries, he incurred medical expenses in the hundred thousands, and he will continue to incur medical expenses for the rest of his life. He had to undergo extreme lifestyle changes, his plans for his future were delayed and changed, and his parents incurred lost wages and miscellaneous expenses. Tabor Law Firm was able to assist our client in obtaining a recovery of $850,000.00 with the Defendant's insurer that will help him with his past and future medical expenses.