$ 335,000.00

Sometimes a minor impact can result in life changing injuries

Our client was operating her vehicle northbound on Westfield Boulevard in Indianapolis, Indiana, and stopped at a light waiting to make a left hand turn onto Real Street. At that time, an employee of a Fortune Fish Company was operating a company owned box truck, and was stopped approximately six feet in front of our client's vehicle. The Defendant suddenly changed course and proceeded to operate the box truck in the reverse direction, backing up toward our client's vehicle. Due to the box truck operator's lack of attention, she struck t he front end of our client's vehicle. Our client braced for the impact by gripping her steering wheel, and her hands were injured from the force of the impact even though the impact did not do major damage to the truck.

The debilitating hand injuries our client sustained required six surgeries to treat. She now has significantly limited use of her thumbs, and cannot perform basic tasks of daily living.

Tabor Law Firm assisted in obtaining a six-figure settlement of $335,000 for our client's serious, permanent and disfiguring injuries to her hands.