Confidential Recovery

Slip and Fall Accident Results in Multiple Arm Fractures

A Tabor Law Firm client and her husband had parked their car in a handicapped parking spot at a healthcare facility parking lot, where her husband then exited his car and proceeded towards the front of the car to the sidewalk. He called to his wife that it was icy at the front of the car, so she walked to the back of the car and then proceeded across the parking lot towards the sidewalk where she encountered a curb concrete ramp which led to the sidewalk. It was dark outside and the parking lot was poorly lit, and when she stepped onto the curb ramp with her right foot and then stepped onto the flared left side of the curb ramp, causing her ankle to roll where she then slipped and fell to the concrete sidewalk. As a result, multiple bones in her left arm were fractured and crushed, requiring multiple surgeries.

Through diligent investigation, Tabor Law Firm was able to show that the healthcare facility failed to provide a safe and suitable means of ingress and egress from its out-patient parking lot to its health care facility. Tabor Law Firm provided evidence that showed the healthcare facility owned the parking lot, sidewalk and curb ramp and that the ramp plans and specifications for the curb ramp were designed by the healthcare facilities. Through their experts, Tabor Law Firm further showed that the ramp was improperly designed. Consequently, our client's fall was a direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendant.

Tabor Law firm was able to assist both the victim of this slip and fall accident as well as her husband in obtaining a successful recovery from the Defendant.