$ 1,250,000.00

Seven-Figure Recovery to Widow of Spouse Killed by Distracted Driver

On Christmas Eve of 2015, our client and her husband were taking dinner to a family holiday celebration when the operator of a large pickup truck disregarded a stop sign and collided with the passenger side of our client's car. As a result injuries sustained in the collision, our client's husband of 25 years was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. Investigation quickly revealed that the driver who struck our clients had been using his smartphone. The driver admitted that his "mind was elsewhere" when he drove through the stop sign.

Shortly after the accident, Tabor Law Firm was retained to handle the widow's claims. We quickly brought the distracted driver's insurance company to the negotiating table, and the matter was settled in less than three months, based upon a payment of $1,250,000 representing all insurance coverage available from the distracted driver. As a result of the speedy efforts of Tabor Law Firm attorneys, the expense of filing a lawsuit was avoided, and our client received a prompt settlement.