Seven-Figure Recovery

Seven Figure Recovery for a Wrongful Death

Tabor Law Firm represented the wife of man who died as a result of a fall while staying in a cabin with an acquaintance. The main floor of the cabin had a common area and a kitchen with a concrete floor. There was a second level sleeping loft above the common area and kitchen. Early in the evening, our client's husband went upstairs into the loft to sleep. Later that evening, he was found lying on the concrete floor of the kitchen. He had fallen from the loft and sustained a severe, traumatic brain injury ultimately leading to his death. The Defendant vigorously defended the case by attempting to place fault on our client's husband due to the fact that he had consumed alcohol prior to the accident. Tabor Law Firm represented the widow in an action for his wrongful death, established fault on the Defendant, and assisted her in recovering a seven-figure amount from the Defendant.