Six-Figure Recovery

Roadway Defect causes collision resulting in severe burn injuries

Our client was driving a Ford F-150, pulling an empty flatbed trailer in Greenfield, Indiana. Our client's wife and daughter were passengers in the truck. While our client was operating his truck, within his lane of traffic and keeping the trailer in a straight line, his truck suddenly crossed over a large, rough depression in the roadway. There were no warnings, signs, cones or road markings warning motorists of this road depression.

As a result of the empty trailer hitting the depression, it began to fishtail, and our client attempted to steer the truck and trailer to the right shoulder to safely stop. As our client's truck neared the shoulder, the trailer whipped around, pushing his truck across the road, and directly into the path of another vehicle. Upon impact, our client's truck caught fire. While our client and his daughter were able to exit the vehicle, our client's wife was trapped in the truck, and as a result sustained severe and permanent injuries including third-degree burns on over 35% to 45% of her body, a head injury, and multiple fractures.

Tabor Law Firm filed claims against the State for negligence in failing to repair the road defect, maintain the roadway in a safe condition, and failing to warn of the hazardous condition after investigation deemed the roadway defect as the cause of the collision.

Tabor Law Firm was able to obtain a six-figure recovery from the Defendants.