Confidential Recovery

Recovery for a Wrongful Death After Tabor Investigation Uncovers the Facts

A chain of events, beginning with a driver who struck the right side of a semi tractor-trailer while attempting to pass on the right shoulder of I-70 eastbound in a construction zone, led to injury and devastation for a family Tabor Law Firm represented. After the semi-tractor trailer was struck, it lost control, crossed the westbound lane of I-70, and collided with our client's vehicle, causing their vehicle to collide with another motor vehicle operator just behind our client's vehicle. As a result of the collision, the mother was tragically killed, and the father and his two children were injured.

Investigation into the accident revealed that the Defendant trucking company had insufficiently equipped the truck for safe operation and had failed to train its drivers adequately. Tabor Law Firm helped the grieving husband and father recover an amount from Defendants for the wrongful death of his wife and the injuries to him and his children. In addition, the motor vehicle driver located behind our client's vehicle was injured, and Tabor Law Firm also represented him, reaching a settlement with Defendants.