Six-Figure Settlement

Fountain County’s negligence in maintaining roadways causes motorcycle accident, resulting in a man becoming a paraplegic.

Our client was traveling on his motorcycle down East River Road in Attica, Indiana on April 26, 2015. He saw water on the roadway ahead, and reduced his speed to approximately twenty (20) miles per hour. Our client was not aware of the large potholes in the right-of-way until after he was injured; he thought he was just going to travel through a little water. Our client had almost gotten all the way around the area and was near the center of the road when his front tire hit the pothole. When his front tire hit the hole, he was thrown up and over his bike. Our client and his bike hit the ground, rolled, and the bike then struck him. After our client's bike struck his body, he slid and came to rest near the right side of the road.

As a result of Fountain County's negligence in maintaining their roadway, our client became a paraplegic, and suffered from other orthopedic injuries as well.

Tabor Law Firm obtained a six-figure settlement from the Defendants' insurance carriers.