Six-Figure Settlement

Financial Relief for an Indiana State Trooper and His Family

Our client, a State Police Trooper, pulled over two vehicles for traffic violations in LaPorte County. He was parked on the right shoulder of eastbound I-94 behind the two vehicles he had stopped. His lights were activated.

An intoxicated driver (the Defendant) was driving his vehicle in an erratic manner eastbound on I-94, and had been given permission to drive the van from his employer. The Defendant traveled outside the designated travel lanes, swerved onto the shoulder and struck our client. The Trooper was thrown into the air and landed on the ground in between the two vehicles, resulting in serious and permanent personal injuries, including but not limited to, blunt trauma injuries, injuries to his shoulder, back and hip and pelvic area.

Before the accident, our client was very active with his wife and daughter. They rode bicycles on trails and he ran to keep in shape. He also coached his daughter's soccer team. He was 51 years old at the time of the accident. He now lives with chronic and permanent daily pain. He was off work for eight months, and when he returned to work he was on light duty and continued to have pain. Per his doctor's recommendation, he had to find another line of work other than that of a patrol officer. Our client now serves as a state police pilot but has pain if he has to spend long hours sitting in the helicopter. Due to the negligence of The Defendant our client was unable to continue to take care of all the home maintenance, mow the lawn, care for his daughter while his wife worked or help with the daily household chores.

Tabor Law Firm assisted the Trooper and his wife against in obtaining a six figure settlement.