Six-Figure Settlement

Financial Relief After a Negligent Act Causes Severe Injury

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by Jane Doe heading in a northerly direction in the center lane of Interstate 69 in Fishers, Indiana. There was a vehicle directly in front of Jane Doe's vehicle that suddenly and unexpectedly swerved to the right. Within seconds, she ran into a van. At that time and place, the Defendant had stopped her van in the northbound center lane without brake lights, signals or emergency flashers. Jane Doe had no time to react, or provide a warning signal, after the car in front of her swerved. Immediately thereafter a vehicle driven by yet another motor vehicle operator collided with the Jane Doe's vehicle, of which our client was a passenger. The careless and negligent act of the Defendant caused a three car accident.

Our client suffered permanent and disfiguring injuries including a fractured spine and surgical repair of the duodenum. He will continue to endure pain and suffering in his future as a result of this accident. Our client's parents also lost the services and society of their son.

Through representation by Tabor Law Firm, our client and his family were able to recover a six-figure settlement from Defendants.