Confidential Recovery

Extensive Investigation by Tabor Law Firm results in Recovery for a Wrongful Death Victim

Tabor Law Firm represented a wife whose husband was wrongfully killed in an explosion.

Our client's husband was in the scope of his employment working with a product designed and manufactured by the Defendant. While he was using the Defendant's product in conjunction with a furnace, an explosion occurred suddenly and without warning, and he was killed as a result.

The Defendant companies denied liability for the incident, however following extensive investigation Tabor Law Firm was able to show there was a defect in the product manufactured by the Defendant that caused the explosion. Both Defendants were careless and negligent in designing, manufacturing, processing, testing, inspecting, distributing and selling the product that our client was using when the explosion occurred. Tabor Law Firm was able to prove the negligence of the Defendants caused the death of our client's husband.

Tabor Law Firm represented the widow in a wrongful death suit against both Defendant's and was successful in assisting her in obtaining a significant monetary recovery from Defendants for the loss of her husband.