Six-Figure Settlement

Aggressive Representation for a Slip and Fall Accident

Our client was severely injured when she tripped on a walkway defect near the Market Square Center building in downtown Indianapolis. The concrete walkway was owned, managed and maintained by the Defendants. Our client's injuries were a result of the careless and negligent acts of the Defendants. The accident was a direct result of the Defendant's negligence, as they knowingly allowed the walkway to be open to the public although it was in a defective and dangerous condition.

As a result of the Defendants failure to provide a safe means of passage to the public, our client sustained serious injuries including a fracture to her wrist requiring multiple surgeries, and injuries to her shoulder, knees, teeth and lip.

The Defendants attempted to place fault on our client and stated there was assumed risk, and that she failed to avoid injury. Through Tabor Law Firm's aggressive representation our client was able to recover a six-figure settlement with the Defendants that would help her with past and future medical expenses, as well as compensate her for her lost wages due to her injures.