Compensation For Catastrophic Personal Injuries

If you believe another party, or parties, has caused an accident leading to you or a loved one suffering permanent injury, severe damage to quality of life, or even wrongful death, talk to Tabor Law Firm. Our attorneys have over 90 years’ combined experience focusing purely on personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Personal injury law requires at-fault parties to accept liability for their negligence. The at-fault party may be required to financially compensate the victim for their harms and losses. This is what "paying damages" means. We pursue insurance companies and negligent parties to achieve the best possible solution, either through trial or settlement. If you believe another party to be the cause of your personal injury, take the next step and talk to Tabor Law Firm.

What We'll Look At First

For some people, it makes sense to handle smaller or less complicated claims themselves, but many others, such as those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, need help navigating the system to get the recovery they deserve. At Tabor Law Firm, we start by helping you understand the benefits and drawbacks of hiring an attorney, and unlike many other lawyers, we’ll tell you when we think you’re better off alone with a little bit of advice.

  • What are your current financial burdens? We start with the financial losses you’ve already incurred, such as ambulance bills, hospital bills and lost wages.
  • What future financial losses are likely? We’re experienced enough and have experts at our disposal to help estimate your future expenses and will fight to recover them with you.
  • How can we achieve your highest quality of life? We will ask for everything it takes to restore the highest quality of life moving forward, beyond just medical bills. For example, if you have a permanent spinal cord injury, will you need additional equipment to maintain mobility?
  • Is the insurance company's offer fair? We’ve dealt with thousands of injury cases. We know the "value" of your harms and losses. Use our experience to help you answer this question during your consultation.

It's Not Too Late To Seek Help. Call Tabor Law Firm Today.

Chances are, it’s not too late, but the only way to know for sure is to talk to one of our attorneys at a free consultation. We can give you the direction you need and help you understand the timelines, the process and what to expect next. To learn more, call Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis today at 317-643-7009 or 800-266-7103.