Things Sometimes Unclear in the Wake of a Motor Vehicle Accident

It is likely that at some point our readers across Indiana will be involved in a motor vehicle crash. They may think that they're uninjured just after the incident.

And it is just as likely that some people involved in a motor vehicle crash begin noticing symptoms that were undetected earlier.

Such a post-accident outcome is far from rare, as the deep legal team at the established Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis knows intimately well. Many of our clients who suffer serious injuries in vehicle accidents do not fully appreciate their nature or scope for some time following a crash or collision.

A doctor deeply experienced in post-accident symptoms notes just how common delayed understanding is. He stresses in a recent article the vital need for injury victims to promptly and diligently follow through on pain concerns.

That physician notes that symptoms like the following "might not present any signs for several days:"

  • Headaches and personality changes (motor vehicle accidents yield a high number of fatal traumatic brain injuries)
  • Internal bleeding, which is often life-threatening
  • Back pain (spinal complications are especially concerning)
  • Neck/shoulder pain, often displaying as whiplash
  • Post-crash psychological trauma

Candidly, insurance companies are buoyed by each passing day following an accident that does not bring a crash-related communication from an injury victim.

Victims shouldn't help them. The above-cited article stresses the importance for any person involved in an accident to be aggressive in seeking medical assistance.

The same can be said for timely securing knowledgeable and proactive legal help. Proven injury attorneys can investigate accidents, deal directly with insurers and assess the sources of liability in an accident. And, importantly, they can fight for compensation that maximally assists accident victims and their families both currently and over the long term.