CDC: Better Guidelines Needed in Diagnosing, Treating TBI for Kids

It is hard to overstate just how serious and lasting the effects of a brain injury can be. Some traumatic head injuries are extremely difficult to diagnose and properly treat. That can make getting an accurate handle on them difficult and lead to pronounced complications down the road.

The deep legal team at Tabor Law in Indianapolis is candid about brain injuries when we talk with our valued clients about diagnosis, treatment, insurance issues and recovery. We stress on our personal injury website to every person suffering from a TBI that he or she needs to "prepare for the long road ahead."

That can be especially difficult for families dealing with a child's brain injury. That fact is prominently noted in a recent article spotlighting a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on "the burden of TBI in children."

As that report notes, brain injury catalysts in kids are many and varied and sometimes owe directly to third-party negligence. The CDC points to sports injuries, vehicle accidents and falls as being especially prominent causes of TBI in children.

Federal health regulators cite their concern that even following years of child-linked TBI studies, there is still no uniform system in place to track the health of children with brain injuries over the long term. The above-cited article notes that the CDC is currently trying to develop "the first-ever evidence-based clinical guideline on the diagnosis and management of treatment in children." That would be an accomplishment of real note.

The current reality for many TBI victims is that diagnosis, treatment, and recovery is far from a uniform and seamless process. Moreover, the involvement of insurance companies often complicates matters and can make things difficult for injury victims and their families.

Our lawyers readily note that and routinely push back with force and proven acumen to insist upon timely, comprehensive and uninterrupted treatment for brain injury victims we represent. We know that fully promoting our clients' best interests in each case requires every effort. Maximizing the compensation they may be legally due.

We welcome readers' contacts to Tabor Law to discuss any brain injury-related concerns and to describe the knowledge and commitment we bring to bear in every injury case we handle.