Summertime: A Perfect Storm of Crash-Producing Factors

When compared with winter months, there are seemingly a number of reasons why the sweet spot of summer should be far safer for drivers in Indiana and nationally.

After all, weather during the June-August timeframe is optimal. Visibility in better. Whiteouts and drifting snow are figuratively and literally in the rear-view mirror. The roads are definitely not icy. Sunshine rather than darkness is the norm.

Given all that goodness, why does empirical evidence clearly point to summer months as being the most perilous time of the year for motorists?

It is certainly unquestionable that they are. Government safety regulators relate the sad fact that there are about 30% more fatal motor vehicle accidents during summertime than during the December-February driving window. Here are some reasons why:

  • More traffic on roadways than during any other time of the year
  • More walkers, bicyclists and motorcyclists vying for space
  • Construction projects that clog streets, highways and interstates
  • Increased vehicle speeds that reduce drivers’ reaction times

And then there is one especially highlighted and always-present culprit, of course, namely distracted driving. A recent insurance company-authored study reveals that motorists nationally are focused on things other than driving a shocking 25% of the time during the summer.

That centrally contributes to this, states the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: a nearly 30 percent jump in traffic deaths during summer months as compared with the winter timeframe.

Distracted driving is “entirely preventable,” states one analyst and study researcher.

Indeed, behind-the-wheel negligence takes a heavy toll on Indiana and national roadways, during summer and all other times of the year.

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