Relevant Info Prior to National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

It's springtime in Indiana. That marks a special time for many state residents who share a common passion.

They love to ride their motorcycles. Anyone who has ever ridden a bike understands the special thrill of that. Riders across Indiana are tuning up their bikes, reminding themselves of bike-related risks and the need for safety, and hitting the roads.

Candidly, experienced bikers sometimes tire of hearing that they pose a problem for drivers in passenger vehicles. Many of those motorists complain that they can't see motorcycles, can't easily estimate their speed and movements and generally find them to be roadway nuisances.

Here is a key point relevant to motorcyclists: They are trained and licensed drivers who have the same rights as all other motorists on streets and highways. That is a message that is delivered annually with special emphasis by regulators, law enforcers and safety advocates throughout May, which is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Data actually reveal that it is most often drivers of passenger vehicles that pose an outsized roadway risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that "it is usually the other (non-motorcycle) driver who violates the motorcyclist's right of way" in incidents resulting in collisions.

Motorcycle accident statistics are truly troubling. In one recent year, for example, more than 13 bike riders and passengers nationally died on average every single day, with more than 240 others being injured.

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