Enhanced Vulnerability Always Present for Indiana Motorcyclists

Here's a dichotomy -- and a clearly unfortunate reality -- relevant to roadways across Indiana and the rest of the country: a misplaced and not-well-considered attitude harbored by many drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles against motorcyclists.

Candidly, why should such a view exist and, more troublingly, persist? After all, bikers and their passengers are at once one of the most vulnerable and endangered demographics on streets and highways across the country.

And then there is this, as sadly noted on our personal injury website at the Indianapolis Tabor Law Firm: Reportedly, "People are 26 times more likely to lose their life in an accident involving a motorcycle accident than in a passenger car."

If hard empirical evidence existed pointing toward proof of negligent driving by motorcyclists being a primary catalyst in most crashes with other vehicles, some drivers' antipathy toward bikers might be marginally understandable.

But that doesn't seem to be the case. One Indiana media piece from earlier this summer points to work done by a professor/safety expert from Indian University that doesn't lead anywhere near that conclusion.

In fact, the professor's research indicates that, on average,"in a crash between a motorcycle and four-wheeled vehicle, it usually isn't the motorcycle driver's fault."

Most bikers know that. And they wish that other drivers sharing the road did as well.

The stakes are always high for Indiana motorcyclists involved in crashes. Injured bikers and passengers often suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries in accidents.

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