Consultant Files Suit After Brain Injury on Construction Site

Anyone in the Greater Indianapolis area who knows someone suffering from severe head trauma likely understands the long term impact on that person's life. Even when the victim is lucky enough to survive, a brain injury is often permanent and devastating, with lasting effects on the sufferer's life. Frequently, ongoing and expensive medical care and treatment is necessary, and many who have suffered a brain injury are never able to return to their job.

In another state, a consultant recently filed a lawsuit against a mixed-use construction site after he suffered a traumatic brain injury. The man was hired to provide consulting services for the defendant. The plaintiff claims that the defendant performed demolition or excavation work at the construction site that was unsafe and hazardous.

While on-site, he fell nine feet into a caved-in pit and, as a result, suffered a number of serious injuries to his spine, neck and back, as well as a traumatic brain injury. These injuries caused him to suffer from cognitive deficits, memory loss and other mental impairments, including word-finding difficulties. He now also has difficulty hearing and suffers from aphasia, among other numerous injuries.

The defendant is facing numerous counts of carelessness, negligence, recklessness and more. This suit alleges that this negligence in maintaining a safe environment at the construction site makes the defendant directly responsible for the injuries the man suffered, as well as his mental anguish. For this, the plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of the jurisdictional arbitration limit, court costs, punitive damages and other relief as the court sees fit. In order to ensure you receive the recovery you deserve, you should speak with an experienced Indiana traumatic brain injury attorney. Don't accept an insurance company's offer without consulting with an attorney.

While a successful outcome in this case -- or in any brain injury case in the Greater Indianapolis area - cannot return the victim's former health and well-being, a successfully litigated lawsuit may at least result in the award of much-needed monetary damages that can help with the often-exorbitant ongoing medical costs needed for a victim's care.

Source:, "Consultant who received brain injury at construction site sues logistics firm for negligence," Nicholas Malfitano, Aug. 9, 2017