First Indiana School Bus Crash in 2017 with serious injuries occurs in Owen County

On Monday, February 6th, a semi-tractor trailer crossed the center lane of US 231, and struck a Spencer-Owen County school bus. The driver of the school bus reportedly fought to keep the bus from flipping over after the accident. Thankfully he was successful at keeping the bus upright. His courageous efforts resulted in him suffering both hand and head injuries. He was transported to IU Hospital Bloomington.

Tabor Law Firm understands no parent ever wants to get a terrifying call from their child's school informing them that their child's school bus has been involved in an accident resulting in injury. In late summer of 2016, Tabor Law Firm posted a blog with tips on how to stay safe once Indiana school buses are on the roads again.

Just last year an Indiana principal was killed while trying to protect students from a "parked" bus that lurched forward and jumped a curb. Two students suffered injuries in this accident as well. Then again in December of 2016 twenty-five Lawrence North High School students were injured as a result of one school bus rear ending another. The NHTSA reports 134 "school-transportation-related" deaths a year. One death a year would be too many, but both local and national government entities are doing their best to make school buses safer on our roadways.

Tabor Law Firm has seen first-hand how dangerous, and potentially fatal, accidents involving school buses can be. The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Tabor Law Firm have decades of experience representing families' members of those who have been seriously injured or tragically killed as a result of a devastating school bus accident. We're here to help at Tabor Law. If you or a loved one know someone that has been seriously injured as a result of a school bus related crash, contact Tabor Law Firm today.