Woman Receives $350,000 in Brain Injury Suit Settlement

Traumatic brain injuries are generally complex and may exhibit a broad spectrum of symptoms. Anyone in Indiana who has suffered a brain injury or is acquainted with someone who has likely knows the devastating physical, mental and even emotional impact a TBI can have on victims and their families. The medical treatment necessary for such injuries is often expensive and long term.

In another state, a woman recently filed a lawsuit after experiencing a traumatic brain injury at a high school track meet. The settlement of $350,000 she received can, at least in part, go toward the mounting medical expenses that the suit states resulted from both the brain injury and the other severe personal injuries she suffered. The now 83-year-old woman filed the suit against both the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) and the Nebraska State Activities Association (NSAA) after being struck in the head by a discus thrown by a student athlete at the school sporting event.

The complaint against OPS and NSAA alleged that they failed in meeting their responsibility to keep spectators safe. It was alleged that there was insufficient protection between the event onlookers and the athletes and that no safe area was provided from which spectators could watch the competition without risking injury. Furthermore, the lawsuit contended that no warning was given that a discus had been thrown.

While the settlement of $175,000 each from OPS and NSAA is not an admission of guilt or liability, safety changes have since been instituted. Additional warning signs regarding the risk posed by potential flying objects have been posted, and a spectator fence has been pushed farther back. The settlement will be at least partially covered by insurance policies. Those in Indiana or the Greater Indianapolis area who have suffered a traumatic brain injury in similar circumstances or in any other type of accident may wish to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss how they could go about pursuing compensation.

Source: omaha.com, "Nebraska woman hit in head by discus at state meet will be paid $175,000 each by OPS, NSAA", Erin Duffy, April 13, 2017