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Recovery for a Wrongful Death in Hamilton County, Indiana

Tabor Law Firm represented a widow after her husband sustained massive injuries and subsequently died after a Hummer slammed into his vehicle. The driver of the Hummer failed to stop for a funeral procession and unlawfully entered the intersection through which our client's husband was crossing, resulting in a severe collision.

Indiana State Police Officer Wrongfully Killed During an Annual Charity Bicycle Ride

Tabor Law Firm represented the wife of an Indiana State Police Lieutenant who helped coordinate and participated in an annual charity bicycle ride around the state of Indiana to benefit C.O.P.S. ("Concerns of Police Survivors"), an organization that provides support to families of officers who are killed in the line of duty.

Recovery for a Wrongful Death After Tabor Investigation Uncovers the Facts

A chain of events, beginning with a driver who struck the right side of a semi tractor-trailer while attempting to pass on the right shoulder of I-70 eastbound in a construction zone, led to injury and devastation for a family Tabor Law Firm represented. After the semi-tractor trailer was struck, it lost control, crossed the westbound lane of I-70, and collided with our client's vehicle, causing their vehicle to collide with another motor vehicle operator just behind our client's vehicle. As a result of the collision, the mother was tragically killed, and the father and his two children were injured.

Recovery For a Family Following a Tragic Traumatic Auto Accident

Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife, and their one year old daughter for their serious and permanent physical and emotional damages as a result of an automobile accident. On the date of the accident, John Doe was operating a vehicle while intoxicated and ran a red light, causing a collision to ensue with the family's vehicle. John Doe's criminal, negligent and careless acts and omissions resulted in the tragic loss of the family's 7 month viable fetus which the wife and mother was carrying at the time of the collision.

Recovery for a Disabled Indianapolis Student After a Bus Driver Failed to Act

A 17-year-old North Central High School student was crossing Michigan Road on the west side of Indianapolis in order to board his school bus when a vehicle struck him. After he was struck, students boarding the bus informed the school bus driver of the accident, yet despite this information the bus driver left the scene of the accident, and did not attempt to call for any medical assistance.

Financial Relief Following a Major Auto Accident

A former Tabor Law Firm client was stopped or slowing her northbound vehicle for a line of traffic on Kentucky Avenue near its intersection with Norcroft Drive in Marion County, Indiana. At the same time and place, the Defendant was operating a vehicle, in the scope of his employment with a cable television company (second Defendant), in a northbound direction directly behind our client's vehicle. The Defendant then failed to slow or stop his vehicle and violently rear-ended our client's vehicle.

Pit Bull attack causes serious injuries to Morgan County resident

In 2012, our client was delivering mail to a business in Mooresville, Indiana, which was managed by the Defendant. As our client attempted to deliver mail to the business, she was attacked viciously and without provocation by the Defendant's Pit Bull. The Defendant did not have the dog leashed, or otherwise restrained, which violated Indiana law.

Financial Relief after Negligent Acts Resulted in Wrongful Death and Serious Injury

Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife who were traveling northbound in Clinton County, Indiana when a semi tractor-trailer traveling in the same direction at high rate of speed collided into the rear of our client's vehicle. The impact caused our client's vehicle to spin, and come to a rest in the median facing the opposite direction as it had been traveling.

Financial Relief After a Truck Accident Causes Severe Injury

Our client was only 21 years old at the time when he suffered massive and permanent injuries when a semi tractor-trailer turned left in front of him at the intersection of Raymond Street and Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. His injuries were so severe that he was hospitalized for a month and then spent an additional nine months as an inpatient in various rehabilitation programs. Despite the intensive rehabilitation, he was left with severe, lifelong impairments.

Financial Relief After a Negligent Act Causes Severe Injury

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by Jane Doe heading in a northerly direction in the center lane of Interstate 69 in Fishers, Indiana. There was a vehicle directly in front of Jane Doe's vehicle that suddenly and unexpectedly swerved to the right. Within seconds, she ran into a van. At that time and place, the Defendant had stopped her van in the northbound center lane without brake lights, signals or emergency flashers. Jane Doe had no time to react, or provide a warning signal, after the car in front of her swerved. Immediately thereafter a vehicle driven by yet another motor vehicle operator collided with the Jane Doe's vehicle, of which our client was a passenger. The careless and negligent act of the Defendant caused a three car accident.

MultiMillion Dollar Settlement for Tow Truck Operators Wrongful Death

Tabor Law Firm represented the family of a tow truck operator who was responding to a call from a stranded motorist which resulted in his tragic death. The tow truck operator parked his tow truck on the right shoulder of U.S. 41 South near Princeton, Indiana. He loaded the stranded vehicle onto his tow truck and began to walk back to his truck to complete the necessary paperwork when a semi-tractor trailer traveling southbound in the right lane suddenly drove onto the shoulder, struck his tow truck, and then struck him, resulting in his death.

Motorcycle and Truck Collision results in traumatic brain injury

Our client suffered serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries when the driver of a Lawn company's truck made a left hand turn in front of our client's motorcycle in Anderson, Indiana. The force of the collision catapulted our client over the truck, sending him thirty feet into the air before he hit the ground.

Lost Wages and Future Medical Bills Recovered After an Auto Accident

Our client was slowing her vehicle in congested rush hour traffic, northbound on I-65 in the middle lane of travel, in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the same time and place, the vehicle directly behind our client was driving too fast for conditions, and as a result of failing to slow her vehicle in time, our client's vehicle was violently rear-ended, and forced into the vehicle in front of our client. Our client's car was totaled as a result of the collision.

Exposed power lines result in wrongful death

Our client's husband, age twenty-six, was applying new vinyl siding to a residence in Bedford, Indiana when he inadvertently came into contact with a frayed, exposed electrical power line owned and maintained by PSI, Energy, Inc. The electrical shock from this poorly maintained power line caused him to fall 12 feet to a concrete slab where he died, leaving his wife and three children behind.

Indianapolis Worker Severely Burned while On the Job

Tabor Law Firm represented an employee of Indianapolis Power and Light Company who sustained thermal burns to 15% of his body, and second degree burns to his face, hands, back, neck and right forearm; and third degree burns to his left arm, abdomen and right rib area. His injuries were a result of a metal bracket falling into a live, energized electrical meter block while working with the meter box, which created an electrical explosion and fire. As an Indianapolis Power and Light Company employee, our client was required to work with electric meter boxes.

Electrocution due to Energy Company's Negligence Results in a Wrongful Death

A twenty-six year old male was applying new vinyl siding to a residence in Bedford, Indiana when he inadvertently came into contact with a frayed and exposed electrical service power line owned and maintained by an a global Energy company (The Defendant). The electrical shock from this poorly maintained power line caused the young man to fall 12 feet to a concrete slab where he died, leaving a wife and three small children behind.

Child shot in the eye by a BB gun while at a friend's home

Tabor Law Firm represented a family of a 10 year old boy who was struck in the eye by a BB gun pellet while playing in the backyard of the Defendant's house. At the time of the injury, neither of the Defendant's parents were supervising their son, despite knowledge of son's BB gun use. As landowners, the Defendant's owed the highest duty of care to our 10 year old client while he was on their property. This duty is to exercise reasonable care for guests on a homeowner's property, and extends not only to harm caused by the condition of the property, but also activities on the property as well.

Indianapolis SemiTruck Accident Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client was seriously injured when his vehicle was struck by a semi-tractor trailer as he was entering I-465 westbound on the south side of Indianapolis. The evidence from the accident showed that the driver of the semi-tractor trailer was speeding in dark and rainy conditions, and made no attempt to slow down, change lanes, or otherwise assist the traffic that was merging onto I-465. The defendant driver's carelessness was the direct cause of our client's injuries, which included numerous fractures, a mild traumatic brain injury, and multiple lacerations. Our client's recuperation required eight nights of hospitalization and an additional ten days in a rehabilitation facility. For his injuries and his continuing problems, Tabor Law Firm helped our client recover a six-figure settlement from Defendants.

Indiana State Trooper killed on I-74 while assisting a disabled motorist

An Indiana State Trooper was pulled over on the shoulder of I-74, assisting a disabled motorist. While exiting his vehicle to bring gas to the driver, an oncoming semi-tractor trailer slammed into his police vehicle, as well as the disabled vehicle. The Trooper died at the scene.

Aggressive Representation for a Slip and Fall Accident

Our client was severely injured when she tripped on a walkway defect near the Market Square Center building in downtown Indianapolis. The concrete walkway was owned, managed and maintained by the Defendants. Our client's injuries were a result of the careless and negligent acts of the Defendants. The accident was a direct result of the Defendant's negligence, as they knowingly allowed the walkway to be open to the public although it was in a defective and dangerous condition.

Indiana State Police Trooper Seriously Injured When a Semi-Truck Failed to Yield the Right-Of-Way

In 2004, an Indiana State Police Trooper was operating his vehicle northbound on Wilbur Wright Road. At the same time and place, Jane Doe of M and D Transfer, was operating a semi-tractor southbound on Wilbur Wright Road, and failed to yield the right-of-way to the Trooper while attempting to make a left hand turn; colliding with the Trooper's vehicle. The Trooper was trapped in his vehicle, but luckily was pulled from his vehicle just as it burst into flames.

A Better Future for the Children of a Wrongful Death Victim in Indianapolis

Tabor Law Firm represented the family of a man who was traveling westbound on I-465 in the right-hand lane on a clear day when he came upon a line of cars and trucks stopped, waiting to exit the interstate onto Michigan Road. He was in line, waiting to exit, when a 14-wheel dump truck loaded with more than 40,000 pounds of sand crashed into the rear of his vehicle, rolled over it, crushed it, and pinned him in the wreckage where he died of his injuries. He left behind three children, ages 16, 18, and 20. Tabor Law Firm represented his surviving children in a claim for the wrongful death of their father. The amount recovered with the assistance of Tabor Law Firm helped his children pay for his funeral, burial, the administration of his estate, and compensated them for the loss of their father's services, including his income that would have paid for their remaining education.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Killed by Distracted Truck Driver

A truck driver (the Defendant) was driving in an eastbound lane of State Road 14 in Warsaw, Indiana when he became distracted by his cell phone and drove the right side of his truck off the paved roadway for more than 160 feet before he re-entered the eastbound lane. He then over-corrected, and crossed the center line into the westbound lane, striking an Indiana State Police Sergeant's vehicle. The Sergeant died as a result of his injuries.

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