Special Considerations in Bus Accident Injury Claims

If you are injured in a bus accident, determining who is liable for your damages can be challenging. This is because unlike collisions involving cars or motorcycles, bus accidents often involve unique factors that can make filing a claim more difficult.

First, it is beneficial to understand that even though buses provide a mostly safe form of travel, they pose an increased risk for certain types of passenger injuries. The way a bus is built makes it prone to tipping and rolling over, and passengers typically do not have access to seatbelts, airbags or other safety mechanisms. When combined, these two aspects of bus transportation can lead to severe injuries for passengers when accidents do occur.

Another challenge bus crashes present is that it may be difficult for injured parties to determine who was at fault for the accident. If the driver of the bus caused the crash, there is no guarantee that he or she is the appropriate person to file a claim against. Some buses are considered government property, including school busses and city public transit vehicles.

If the bus involved in your crash was government property, you will likely need to file a claim with the federal or state agency that regulates the bus and its drivers. In this case, it might be helpful to work with an experienced injury attorney, who can ensure your claim features the correct information, is filed within an appropriate amount of time and includes the proper paperwork.

Often, bus accidents are the result of the negligent behavior of another driver. If the driver of another vehicle - such as a car or motorcycle - caused your collision, you may have the right to file a claim with that driver's insurance provider.

Regardless of who or what caused your bus accident, you may be able to seek compensation for any damages you incurred as a result. This could include money to cover medical bills, lost income due to your recovery time, property damage and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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