Passenger Options After an Indiana Motorcycle Accident

In Indiana, summer is a great time to head out on your motorcycle and have some fun. However, it's important to understand what you should do if you're involved in an accident, especially if you're riding as a passenger on a motorcycle at the time of the crash.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident as a passenger, either the bike's operator or another party (such as the driver of another vehicle) could be at fault. And in some cases, two or more parties could share liability for a crash. Additionally, a manufacturer may be liable if your accident was the result of defective parts or equipment.

Seeking damages as a passenger

As a passenger on a motorcycle involved in an accident, you may be able seek financial compensation for any damages incurred due to the collision. Compensation may cover medical expenses for accident-related injuries, lost income due to recovery time, residual scarring or disfigurement, or damage to your property. Who you seek damages from depends on who is found liable for the accident taking place.

If the motorcycle you were riding on was the only vehicle involved in your accident, you may file a claim against the operator or against a parts manufacturer, depending on the cause of the crash. As with any personal injury claim, you will need to prove liability through evidence that someone else engaged in negligent behavior. If the motorcycle operator is liable, the individual did not exercise proper caution. If the manufacturer is liable, it may be because a part on the motorcycle - such as the brakes or a tire - was defective.

If the motorcycle you were riding on collided with another vehicle, you may be able to seek damages from both the motorcycle operator and the driver of the other car. If you plan on filing a claim, you will need the insurance information of all parties involved in the crash, and you should take photos of the accident scene if you're able to do so.

For more information on what you should do after a motorcycle accident in Indiana, consult the skilled personal injury attorneys at Tabor Law Firm.